Irgacure 2959 CAS 106797-53-9

CAS: 106797-53-9

MF: C12H16O4

MW: 224.25

EINECS: 402-670-3

Properties of Irgacure 2959 CAS 106797-53-9

Density: 1.183g/cm3
Melting Point: 88-90 °C(lit.)
Flash Point: 155.8ºC
Boiling Point: 405ºC at 760 mmHg
Refractive Index: 1.544
Vapour Pressure: 2.75E-07mmHg at 25°C

Applications of Irgacure 2959 CAS 106797-53-9

Irgacure 2959, chemical name 2-Hydroxy-4′-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-2-methylpropiophenone, is a high effective UV photoinitiator, with low odor, low volatility, low yellowing properties.  Irgacure 2959 is used for initiating UV polymerization of unsaturated prepolymer systems, especially for acrylates and unsaturated polyester resins requiring low odor, water-borne. Compared to IRGACURE 1173, IRGACURE 2959 has lower volatility and odor.

Reactive hydroxyl groups in photoinitiator 2959 can easily react with unsaturated resins, which makes it easily grafted onto polymer molecules. Irgacure 2959 is not only suitable for conventional UV system, but also suitable for waterborne UV formulation, because the hydroxyl functional group in the molecule improves the solubility of Irgacure 2959 in the formulation of waterborne coatings.

Irgacure 2959 can be used in waterborne photo-curing system with high melting point and UV-curable powder coatings. In the process of initiation, it is mainly used as sensitizer of UV coating, ink and adhesive, better than 2-Isopropylthioxanthone plus Ethyl 4-dimethylaminobenzoate and Irgacure 651 for this purpose. Irgacure 2959 is insensitive to oxygen inhibition, low volatility and excellent surface curing effect. However, its spectral absorption band is mainly in short wave band, it is not very good for the deep curing effect of UV pigments system. It is often used with Irgacure 369 to improve its performance.

IRGACURE 2959 has been tested for using in UV curable formulations on wood, metal, plastic and paper surfaces.