m-Toluic Acid | CAS 99-04-7 | 3-Methylbenzoic acid

Item Name:
m-Toluic acid
3-Methylbenzoic acid
3-Toluic acid

CAS No.: 99-04-7

MF: C8H8O2

MW: 136.148

m-Toluic acid, also know as 3-Methylbenzoic acid, is an important organic compound and pesticide intermediate.

Properties of m-Toluic Acid

3-Methylbenzoic acid appears to be pale yellow to beige-yellow powder with a special aromatic odor and good thermal and chemical stability. It is soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, chloroform, ether and benzene, slightly soluble in boiling water, but barely soluble in cold water.

With other physical properties as below:

Melting point: 108 °C
Boiling point:  263.8±9.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point:  120.0±13.4 °C

Applications of m-Toluic Acid

3-Methylbenzoic acid is mainly used in the synthesis of efficient mosquito repellents, N, N-diethyl m-toluenamide, m-toluenyl chloride, m-toluenitrile, etc. It can be used as an intermediates for organic synthesis to make drug toluene diethylamine, or fungicides phosphoramides.

m-Toluic acid has no toxicity  to human body, with no obvious irritation or corrosiveness. However, as a chemical substance, careful handling is still required to avoid contact with eyes, skin, and inhalation.

m-Toluic acid should be stored in a place with good ventilation cool condition and away from oxidants and flammable materials. It is stable in various conditions and expected a long shelf-life if stored under temperature of  30°C.