BoldChem has been providing custom synthesis services since the year its establishment. We are specialized in the contract manufacturing of high-value added fine chemicals and organic intermediates, such as pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemical intermediates, syntheses material intermediates, etc., with the production capability from kilograms up to hundreds of metric tons.  

Under the cooperation between a number of research institutes and our chemical experts, we can carry out custom synthesis work from initial research, process development, lab trials, pilot production to commercial-sized production.

How to start?

Send us product name or structure which required for custom synthesis, our team will evaluate the synthesis project in advance to check if it is doable. If so, we will provide an estimated budget and delivery time. Due to the unpredictable factors of synthetic process,

we may not guarantee that the project will success. But given that our success rate is at 96% around, it’s more than likely that we could make it work. If the project is failed, then there will of course be no charge.

If you can provides us your own synthesis route with details such as solvents, temperatures, reaction times, analytical data, purification methods, yields, etc. Price will be much lower, timelines is much shorter according to more product information given.

BoldChem understands the value of our customer’s Intellectual Property. We conduct a strict protection policy and take comprehensive measures to safeguard and insure the confidentiality of the projects.