Irgacure 369 CAS 119313-12-1

CAS: 119313-12-1

MF: C23H30N2O2

MW: 366.5

EINECS: 404-360-3

Properties of Irgacure 369 CAS 119313-12-1

Appearance: yellowish powder
Density: 1.094 g/cm3
Flash Point: >230 °F
Melting Point: 116-119 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point: 528.8ºC at 760 mmHg
Vapour Pressure: 2.87E-11mmHg at 25°C
Refractive Index: 1.567

Applications of Irgacure 369 CAS 119313-12-1

Irgacure 369 is a high efficiency UV photoinitiator, with wide sensitivity range and high UV absorption ability. It produces free radicals under UV irradiation, so it belongs to Norish type I photoinitiator. The absorption peak of irgacure 369 is 325nm ~ 335nm.

Benefit from its excellent absorption properties, Irgacure 369 is especially suitable for UV colored systems, particularly for blue and black colored systems. It can be used in UV curable inks and coatings with suitable co-initiators such as Irgacure 184 or Irgacure 651, Irgacure 907 and ITX.

Irgacure 369 is used in packaging field, such as offset printing, screen ink, etc., in electronic industry, such as photoresist, solder resist ink, etc., and in the manufacturing of printed boards.

Since the initiation effect of photoinitiator 369 depends largely on different formulations, the best effect and dosage should be obtained through formulation test.

The suggested dosage:

Offset ink : 2 – 4%
Screen Ink : 2 – 4%
Paint : 1.0-4%