R&D Innovation

BoldChem has always attached great importance to scientific research and development, technological innovation. We see it as the driving force of our company development.

BoldChem has established a multi-functional R&D center, with a series of advanced instruments and equipment at different specifications, as well as a group of strong R&D team, which can do chemical Research and development, chemical analysis and synthesis.

Our R&D team not only possesses comprehensive knowledge of organic synthesis technology, but also has rich experience in amplification and industrialization, and is skilled in various organic chemical synthesis reactions. That is to say, we are capable of completing research and development, pilot testing, production, and custom synthesis service.

Our R&D team is capable of:

  1. New chemical research and develop.
  2. Process develop and develop.
  3. Chemical impurity qualitative.
  4. Process optimization.
  5. Process scale-up

Thanks to our professional R&D team, we’ve successfully developed some applicable intermediates and specialty raw materials. And have made some great success in developing new process and improving existing synthetic route to keep our products competitive in the worldwide fine chemical market.

We’ll continue to increase research investment to ensure that BoldChem can provide more competitive products and services to meet our customers’ high demands.