BoldChem owns a dedicated R&D center to keep ourselves with innovative capability in the process of new material developing and existing production optimizing.

BoldChem has setup a professional R&D team and equipped with a full range of organic synthesis equipment and advanced analysis instruments. At the same time, we have established cooperative relations with a number of universities and research institutes.

The main tasks of our R&D center covers below points:

  1. Research and developing new materials.
  2. Reducing the number of synthetic route and costs.
  3. Developing and optimizing existing synthesis route .
  4. Replacing dangerous or environmentally unsuitable chemicals.
  5. Working with hard making materials.

We enjoys the challenge of research and developing new materials. By combining our partners’ expertise in analytical chemistry with our custom synthesis experience, we can synthesize a wide variety of high value-added new type intermediates fine chemicals from milligram to tons scale.

Thanks to the professional chemists and engineers, we’ve successfully developed some applicable intermediates and specialty raw materials for our principal needs. And have made some great success in developing a new process and improving an existing synthetic route to keep our products competitive in the worldwide fine chemical market.