BoldChem Technology Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive modern chemical enterprise in China, which is specialized in R&D, production and sales of high value-added auxiliary chemicals and some intermediates. For auxiliaries, we are focused on photoinitiators, UV absorbers, light stabilizers, optical brighteners, etc. We has three subsidiaries: R & D center, production base and sales office. The production quantity can be done from grams to tons. And we also provide custom synthesis service.

Since its establishment in 2010, BoldChem has been committed to provide high quality products and services to fine chemical market, and to keep ourselves in the process of continuous innovation, research and development of new technology. Through close cooperation with institutes and universities, and relying on technical support within the company, we carry out the research and development of the up-to-date materials to meet the market demands.

Through years of unremitting efforts, BoldChem not only has strong technical support, but also has a well-equipped independent research and development center, a powerful production plant, equipped with complete equipment like: high efficient Reactors, Fractionating columns, Boilers, Refrigeration unit, Sewage treatment, etc. Our dedicated laboratory and analytical testing center have full list of advanced instruments such as GC, HPLC, NMR, high and low temperature reaction bath, rotary evaporator, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, trace moisture meter, universal material detector and other research and development, testing equipment.

Main Products:

Photoinitiators: Photoinitiator TPO (CAS: 75980-60-8), Irgacure 819 (CAS: 162881-26-7), Irgacure 907 (CAS: 71868-10-5), Irgacure 184 (CAS: 947-19-3), Irgacure 1173 (CAS: 7473-98-5), Irgacure 651 (CAS: 24650-42-8), photoinitiator ITX (CAS: 5495-84-1), Photoinitiator TPO-L (CAS: 84434-11-7), etc.

UV absorbers: UV-328 (CAS: 25973-55-1), Tinuvin P (CAS: 2440-22-4), UV-320 (CAS: 3846-71-7), TINUVIN 384 (CAS: 127519-17-9), UV-329 (CAS: 3147-75-9),
UV-327 (CAS: 3864-99-1), UV-234 (CAS: 70321-86-7), etc.

Optical brighteners: Optical Brightener OB-1 (CAS: 1533-45-5), Fluorescent Brightener 184 (CAS: 7128-64-5), Fluorescent Brightener ER-II (CAS: 13001-38-2), Optical Brightener CBS-X (CAS: 27344-41-8), Optical Brightener FP-127 (CAS: 40470-68-6), etc.

Light stabilizers: Light Stabilizer-944 (CAS: 70624-18-9), Light Stabilizer 770 (CAS: 52829-07-9), HALS-292, UV 123 (CAS: 129757-67-1), Light Stabilizer 622 (CAS: 65447-77-0), etc.