4-Nitrobenzaldehyde | P-Nitrobenzaldehyde | CAS 555-16-8

Item Name:

CAS No.: 555-16-8


MW: 151.120

4-Nitrobenzaldehyde, also known as P-Nitrobenzaldehyde, is an important organic compound, widely used as a chemical intermediate in the fields of pharmaceuticals, dyes, daily chemicals, and material synthesis. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to synthesize anti tuberculosis drugs aminothiourea, antibacterial drugs methoxybenzylamine, and antibacterial drugs chloramphenico.

Properties of  4-Nitrobenzaldehyde

P-Nitrobenzaldehyde is odorless, light yellow to light brown crystalline powder. It is easily soluble in ethanol, benzene, and glacial acetic acid, slightly soluble in ether, and insoluble in water.

Melting point:  103-106 °C(lit.)
Boiling point:  299.6±23.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point:  155.2±15.4 °C

Applications of  4-Nitrobenzaldehyde

4-Nitrobenzaldehyde is mainly used in the synthesis of p-nitrobenzaldehyde, p-toluidine, toluene diisocyanate, benzidine, p-nitrobenzoic acid, p-nitrotoluene 2-sulfonic acid, dinitrotoluene, etc. It is also used as an intermediate in fields such as dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and synthetic fiber additives.