BoldChem is specialized in the manufacturing of high-end chemical intermediates and other fine chemicals, from kilograms up to hundreds of metric tons. The production runs from small test, to pilot plant test to large-scale production.

To meet the challenge of producing quality products at different scales with a tight schedule, BoldChem has designed and built large-scale, modern production equipment. We have various sizes of reactors and ancillary facilities including filters, centrifuges, dryers and packaging equipment. Single-fluid cooling and heating systems add flexibility and efficiency to our production capability.

Our mass production sites are equipped with the facilities which are capable of handling the projects with the quantity at multi-hundred-metric tons. This allows BoldChem to provide our customers with a wide range of products at a flexible delivery time.

BoldChem is not only having advanced production equipment, detection equipment and technology, also has a number of highly qualified management team. In addition, the company attaches great importance to environmental protection, to achieve the harmony between environmental protection and ecological.

With our experienced production management, strict and perfect management system, we can quickly provide customers with competitive and fine mass production services.