BoldChem is a versatile chemical company integrating the capabilities of chemical research and development, chemical manufacturing (lab-scale, pilot scale to commercial scale) and custom synthesis. We are mainly focusing on high-end fine chemicals which are widely used in fields including medicine, electronics, agriculture, plastics and coatings, etc.

BoldChem has well-established R&D centers, testing centers, and production plants, equipped with various specifications of conventional and special instruments and equipment, as well as various professionals with rich experience in chemical industry. We are capable of completing research and development work from lab-scale to pilot scale, and scaling up to commercial production. With such flexible production capability, we are able to provide customers with high-quality chemicals ranging from grams to tons.

BoldChem has fully developed the ability to provide custom synthesis services, with custom synthesis capability ranging from initial research, process development, lab trials, pilot production and scaling up to commercial-sized production. We are capable of independently developing and optimizing process routes and analysis methods, chemical intermediates customization, special chemical processing and manufacturing.

Mass Production

BoldChem is specialized in the manufacturing of high-end chemical intermediates and other fine chemicals. We have the ability to produce chemical from small test, to pilot plant test to large-scale production, which weighing from grams up to tons.

R&D Innovation

BoldChem has established a multi-functional R&D center equipped with a series of advanced instruments and equipment, as well as a group of strong R&D team, which give us the capability of new material developing and existing production optimizing.

Custom Synthesis

BoldChem provides customized synthesis services for a variety of organic compounds, especially pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals and fine chemical with high technical barriers, difficulties and high added values.