Photoinitiator TMO CAS 270586-78-2

Item Name:
Photoinitiator TMO
CAS: 270586-78-2
M.F: C24H25O2P
M.W: 376.428


Photoinitiator TMO belongs to free radical type I photoinitiator, used for initiating UV polymerization of unsaturated prepolymerization systems, which makes it a critical element in formulations of high-end UV curable ink, painting, coating, adhesives, etc,. Photoinitiator TMO is an highly efficient and environmentally friendly photoinitiator, which can completely replace Photoinitiator TPO and is a better choice if you require higher standard for safety.

Technical Specs of Photoinitiator TMO

Chemical Name: Photoinitiator TMO
CAS No: 270586-78-2
Molecular Formula:  C24H25O2P
Molecular Weight: 376.428
Appearance:  light yellow crystal powder
Melting Point:  126~131℃
Purity:  ≥99.0%
Volatiles: ≤0.2%
Acid Value: ≤0.5 mgKOH/g

Properties of Photoinitiator TMO

Photoinitiator TMO is a light yellow crystal powder used to initiate UV polymerization reactions in unsaturated prepolymer systems. It has good solubility with oligomers and active diluents, and doesn’t contain benzene, which is safe to human body and environment. Photoinitiator TMO is a good substitute for traditional photoinitiators TPO, 819, and TPO-L. Conventional deep curing photoinitiators such as TPO, 819, and TPO-L all contain phenyl phosphorus chemical bonds, which affect reproductive health and are the main reasons for the EU’s ban. However, photoinitiators TMO are excellent photoinitiators with methyl groups in the benzene ring, which can quickly cure inks, painting, coatings, and adhesives on various substrates under ultraviolet light. It is your best choice if you require high standard for safety.

Applications of Photoinitiator TMO

Photoinitiator TMO has been tested and can be used in printing ink and adhesive on the surfaces of wood, metal, plastic, paper, and optical fibers. It exhibits good solubility in some common UV formulations such as acrylic ester and unsaturated polyester systems. TMO can be used alone or in combination with other photoinitiators.

Recommended dosage of photoinitiator TMO: The specific amount of TMO added should be determined by experiments. Usually, 3% -5% can be added to the system.


Standard package for Photoinitiator TMO is 20 kgs per fiber drum lined with plastic film.


Photoinitiator TMO should be stored in cool and dry place without direct sunlight. If so, the shelf life is at least 3 years.