Photoinitiator 2959 CAS 106797-53-9

Item Name:
UV Absorber UV-9

CAS No.: 131-57-7

Pale yellow powder


Photoinitiator 2959, well known as Irgacure 2959, is a highly efficient free radical photoinitiator for UV and visible light curing systems. With merits of low yellowing, low volatility and low odor, it is widely used to initiate UV polymerization reactions in unsaturated prepolymer systems, particularly suitable for acrylic and unsaturated polyester resins that require low odor and water-based properties.

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Technical Specs of Photoinitiator 2959

Chemical Name:  Photoinitiator 2959
CAS No:  106797-53-9
Molecular Formula:  C12H16O4
Molecular Weight:  224.25
Appearance:   White to Light yellow, powder to crystal
Melting Point:  88-90 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point:  405.0±25.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point:  155.8±16.7 °C
Storage Condition:  Keep in dark place, Sealed in dry, Room Temperature

Properties of Photoinitiator 2959 

UV spectrum of photoinitiator 2959
UV spectrum of photoinitiator 2959

Photoinitiator 2959 is a water dispersible Norrish Type Ⅰ photoinitiator from the hydroxyacetophenone family, with absorption maxima at 219 and 275 nm. Photoinitiator 2959 does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to human health and environment. It is an environmentally friendly photoinitiator.

Photoinitiator 2959 provides low yellowing, low volatility, low odor properties. It is the only one safe photoinitiator allowed by FDA to used in adhesives that do not come into direct contact with food.

Applications of Photoinitiator 2959

Photoinitiator 2959 has been tested for using in UV curable formulations on wood, metal, plastic and paper surfaces and provides surface cure when used at 0.5-5 wt% in UV curable formulations.

Photoinitiator 2959 makes perfect use in water-based coating formulations, as its molecule contains active hydroxyl groups, which makes it easily react with unsaturated resins, thus enhance the solubility of Photoinitiator 2959 in water-based coating formulations. Photoinitiator 2959 is particularly recommended for UV formulations that require evaporation of moisture through high temperature and airflow before curing.

Photoinitiator 2959 is not sensitive to oxygen polymerization and has low volatility, with excellent surface curing effect. However, its spectral absorption band is mainly in the short wavelength spectrum, which is not very effective for deep curing of UV cruable systems. So It is better to use with photoinitiator 369 when curing relatively deeper coating.

Packaging and Storage of Photoinitiator 2959 

The standard packaging for Optical Brightener OB is 20 kgs or 25 kgs per fiber drum lined with PE film. Photoinitiator 2959 is stored in cool and dry place under room temperature without direct sunlight. Shelf life for Photoinitiator 2959 is at least 2 years if properly packed and stored.