3-Carbamoymethyl-5-methylhexanoic acid | CAS 181289-15-6

Item Name:
3-Carbamoymethyl-5-methylhexanoic acid
3-(2-Amino-2-oxoethyl)-5-methylhexanoic acid

CAS No.: 181289-15-6

MF: C9H17NO3

MW: 187.236


3-Carbamoymethyl-5-methylhexanoic acid, also known as 3-(2-Amino-2-oxoethyl)-5-methylhexanoic acid, is an  important intermediates for pharmaceutical synthesis.

Properties of 3-Carbamoymethyl-5-methylhexanoic acid

3-(2-Amino-2-oxoethyl)-5-methylhexanoic acid is white to off-White crystal powder, slightly soluble in water, methanol and DMSO, with other physical properties as below:

Density: 1.08g/cm ³
Melting point: 106-108 ℃
Boiling point:  401.9 ℃ at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 196.9 ℃
Refractive index: 1.475
Vapor pressure: 1.39E-07mmHg at 25 ℃

Applications of 3-Carbamoymethyl-5-methylhexanoic acid

3-(2-Amino-2-oxoethyl)-5-methylhexanoic is an important intermediate used in synthesize Pregabalin, a drug for curing peripheral neuralgia and adjuvant treatment for localized partial epileptic seizures, that’s why it is also called pregabalin intermediate.

3-Carbamoymethyl-5-methylhexanoic acid has other medical values too, it is paired up with low-protein diet as a nutrient to prevent and cure damage caused by protein metabolism disorders due to chronic renal insufficiency, chronic renal insufficiency, and consumptive malnutrition.

It also can be used as an organic reaction solvent, as a catalyst for alkylation, esterification, and polymerization reactions, or used in the electroplating industry.