1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose CAS 62211-93-2

Chemical Name:

CAS No.: 62211-93-2

M.F.: C11H16O7

M.W.: 260.24


1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose, CAS No. 62211-93-2, is a ribose derivatives, often used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and biochemistry, and the preparation of bioactive molecules and peptide drug molecules.

Properties of 1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose

1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose is stable under room temperature, with yellow to brown powder appearance. It is easily soluble in alcohol organic solvents such as ethanol, slightly soluble  in low polarity and non-polar solvents and insoluble in water. With other physical properties as below:

Melting Point: 63-64°C
Boling Point: 315°C
Flash Point: 136°C

Applications of 1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose

1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose is a key intermediate in the synthesis of capecitabine – an anticancer drug molecule, which is mainly used for advanced breast cancer and colorectal cancer, and can be used as a rescue treatment for breast cancer after the failure of anthracycline and taxane treatment.

1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose also can be used as a synthetic intermediate for bioactive molecules and peptide drug molecules. In organic synthesis, it loses acetyl groups under certain conditions to obtain corresponding hydroxyl products. Besides, the five membered ring in the 1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose structure can undergo ring opening functionalization reaction under alkaline conditions.

1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose is also widely used in biochemical and molecular biology research. It is often used as a substrate for ribonucleases to study enzyme catalytic mechanisms and to recognize ribose groups. It can also be used to synthesize biologically active nucleic acids and ribosylated compounds.

Under correct operation, handling of 1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose is relatively safe, but still, it is a chemical substance, requiring appropriate laboratory safety measures. When using, personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles should be worn. Ensure to operate in a well ventilated area and avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. 1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose should be stored sealed in dry cool place without direct sunlight, better be under 2-8°C.