UV-360 CAS 103597-45-1

Item Name:
UV Absorber UV-360

CAS No.: 103597-45-1

light yellow powder

Equal to: Tinuvin 360


Technical Specs of UV Absorber UV-360

Appearance light yellow powder
Melting point 195-198oC
Purity ≥99%(HPLC)
Ash ≤0.1%
Loss on drying ≤0.3%
Transmittance 460 nm≥97%   500 nm≥98%


Tinuvin 360 is a highly effective ultraviolet light absorber, which exhibits strong absorbance in the 300-400nm region and is compatible with various resins.

Very low volatile, UV-360 can be used in combination with HALS or antioxidant. For applications where high temperature, low volatility and good compatibility are required, such as complex molding, fibers, sheets, laminated or coextruded semi-finished parts.

UV absorber 360 is suitable for acrylic-ester, polyester, PC, POM, PA, PE, styrene polymers, elastomers, adhesives, etc.

Package of UV Absorber UV-360

UV Absorber UV-360 is packed 20kg per fiber drum lined with plastic bag, stored in cool and dry place without direct sunlight.