UV-P Drometrizole CAS 2440-22-4 Tinuvin P

Item Name:
UV Absorber UV-P

CAS No.: 2440-22-4

off yellow powder

Equal to: Tinuvin P


Technical Specs of UV Absorber UV-P/ Drometrizole

Appearance off yellow powder
Melting point 128-133 ˚C
boiling point 225℃
Solubility(20℃) Water < 0.1
MeOH 0.2
EtOH 10
Acetone 3
CH 2 Cl 2 16
Hexane 0.8

Applications of UV Absorber UV-P/ Drometrizole

Particularly effective in styrene polymers, PVC, unsaturated polyesters, polyurethanes, acrylic polymers, and polycarbonates.

UV P can be used alone or in a variety of blends and combinations with antioxidants or UV absorbers where often a synergistic performance is observed.

Tinuvin P has FDA approval for use in a wide variety of food contact applications.

The use levels range between 0.10% and 1.0%, depending on substrate and performance requirements of the final application.

Package of UV Absorber UV-P/ Drometrizole

UV Absorber UV-P is packed 25kg per fiber drum lined with plastic bag, stored in cool and dry place without direct sunlight.