Fluorescent Brightener 71 CAS 16090-02-1

Item Name:
Fluorescent Brightener 71

Optical Brightener CXT, Optical Brightener DMS, Optical Brightener AMS

C.I.No : 71

Main Chemical:
Stilbene triazine disulfonic acid

CAS No.: 16090-02-1

Equivalent To :
Uvitex SDM, Blankophor MBBH, Tinopal DMs


Technical Specs of Fluorescent Brightener 71

Appearance: white to yellowish powder
Extinction coefficient: 416±13
Water ≤ 5.0%
Content insoluble in water ≤ 0.5%
Fineness (residue passing 425 μ m mesh) ≤ 5.0%
Ionization property: Anionic
Shade: cyan

Properties of Fluorescent Brightener 71

  1. Good resistance to chlorine bleaching.
  2. Light fastness is Grade 4.
  3. Good Alkali resistance and washing fastness.

Applications of Fluorescent Brightener 71

Fluorescent Brightener 71 is suitable for detergents. When mixed with synthetic washing powder, soap and soap, it can make its appearance white, beautiful and crystal clear.

Fluorescent Brightener 71 is used to whiten cotton fiber, nylon and other fabrics; it has excellent whitening effect on man-made fiber, polyamide and vinylon; it also has good whitening effect on protein fiber and amino plastic.

Fluorescent Brightener 71 is considered to be an excellent fluorescent whitening agent for detergents. Because morpholine group is introduced into the brightener, many properties of the brightener are improved. For example, acid resistance and perborate resistance are improved, which are suitable for whitening of cellulose fiber, polyamide fiber and fabric.

When used in dying process, the optimum pH value of dye bath is 7-10. Fluorescent Brightener 71 is better than optical brightener VBL in resistance to chlorine bleaching.When used in washing powder, it is characterized by high mixing amount, high accumulated washing whiteness, and can meet the requirements of any mixing amount in detergent industry.

Packaging and Storage of Fluorescent Brightener 71

Packed 25 kg in each fiber drum lined with plastic bag, stored in cool and dry place without direct sunlight.