Fluorescent Brightener 220 CAS 16470-24-9

Item Name:
Fluorescent Brightener 220
Optical Brightener BBU

C.I.No : 220

Main Chemical:
Stilbene triazine tetrasulfonic acid

CAS No.: 16470-24-9


Technical Specs of Fluorescent Brightener 220

Appearance: yellowish powder
PH value: 8.0 ~ 10.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: 300g / L
Water insoluble content: ≤0.5 %
Ionic Type: non-ionic

Properties of Fluorescent Brightener 220

Fluorescent Brightener 220 is easy to use and soluble in water, suitable for automatic continuous addition and measurement. When at room temperature, it has good storage stability. The storage of liquid Optical Brightener BBU is very stable. The frozen body below the freezing point can be moved to room temperature or heated for a short time (below 50 ℃) to melt without any loss of effectiveness. Brightener BBU can be mixed with water in any ratio and has the same fastness to light, acid and alkali. Compared with similar products, it has the same fastness to sunlight and acid and alkali

Applications of Fluorescent Brightener 220

Fluorescent Brightener 220 is suitable for whitening paper, cotton cloth, etc. This product replaces the traditional Optical Brightener VBL whitening agent to realize automatic feeding, overcome the unstable whiteness of paper products, and effectively prevent dust pollution in operation. Brightener BBU is especially suitable for the production and use of coated paper in large-scale paper mills, also good to use in the continuous pad dyeing process, with maximum whiteness effect and high economy.

Fluorescent brightener BBU belongs to stilbene tetrasulfonic acid derivative. As the product is granular, its water solubility, sunlight resistance, acid and alkali fastness are all improved by one level compared with fluorescent brightener brightener VBL, and the whiteness value of the same dosage is very high. Brightener BBU is very stable in storage and transportation, especially suitable for the production of high-grade paper, cotton fabric and other export products.

Packaging and Storage

Fluorescent Brightener 220 is packed 25kg per fiber drum lined with plastic bag, stored in cool and dry place without direct sunlight. Shelf life is 2 years.