Fluorescent Brightener 135 CAS 12224-12-3

Item Name:
Optical Brightener PF
Fluorescent Brightener 135

C.I.No : 135

Main Chemical:
Benzoxazole type

CAS No.: 12224-12-3 / 1041-00-5


Technical Specs of Optical Brightener PF

Technical Specs Index
Appearance Light yellow powder
Purity ≥99.0%
Melting Point 187-189°C
Volatiles ≤0.5%
Ash ≤0.1%

Properties of Optical Brightener PF

Fluorescent Brightener 135 is milk white paste with blue violet light, non-ionic, free of ionizable genes, soluble in dimethylformamide (DMF) and ethanol, and the paste contains 10% – 25% effective ingredients. The color light is red light blue, the fluorescent whitening intensity is 100 ± 5% ~ 250 ± 5% of the standard, the acid and alkali resistance is pH2 ~ pH10, and the hard water resistance is 500ppm, which is not sensitive to light.

  • Acid and alkaline resistance: good acid and alkaline resistance.
  • Good fluorescence intensity and high whiteness.
  • Good thermal stability, no decomposition above 250 ℃.
  • Good sun resistance, not prone to yellowing.
  • Good dispersibility, easy to mix with plastic evenly.

Applications of Optical Brightener PF

Optical Brightener PF has a wide range of applicable properties, and has a good whitening and brightening effect on almost all plastics and products on the market at present. It can be made into various concentrations of slurry after commercial processing, which is suitable for whitening and brightening polyester fabric.

Optical Brightener PF in plastics:

Optical Brightener PF is soluble in benzene, alcohol, ether and other organic solvents. It is acid and alkali resistant and has relatively stable chemical properties. It has good whitening effect on PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, polyformaldehyde methyl propionate artificial leather, floor leather, ABS engineering plastics, polyester film, organic glass and other products.

Optical Brightener PF in textiles:

It is mainly used to whiten polyester, polyester / cotton blend, nylon, vinegar or synthetic fiber blended with cotton or wool, as well as desizing and oxidative bleaching.

Packaging and Storage

Fluorescent Brightener 135 is packed 25kg per fiber drum lined with plastic bag, stored in cool and dry place without direct sunlight. Shelf life is 2 years.