CAS 127519-17-9 TINUVIN 384-2

Item Name:
UV Absorber UV 384-2

CAS No.:

brown yellow liquid

Equal to: Tinuvin 384-2


Technical Specs of UV Absorber UV 384-2

Appearance brown yellow liquid
Relative density 1.07g/cm3(20 ℃)
Viscosity 2600-3600mPa•s(20℃)

Applications of UV Absorber UV 384-2

> Tinuvin 384-2 shows high thermal stability and high compatibility in various polymers. It is especially suitable for industrial and automotive coatings such as coil coating, wood coating, etc.

> UV-384-2 used in combination with a HALS stabilizer such as UV-292 or UV-123. These combinations improve the durability of clear coats by inhibiting or retarding the occurrence of failures such as gloss reduction, cracking, color change, blistering, and extinction.

Package of UV Absorber UV 384-2

20/25/200 kg per drum